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A well-fitted bra is not only important for the right look, but also crucial in defining the correct posture and lending the needed support. One of the major reasons behind ill-fitting bras is that most women don’t get their bra size measured. Knowing your correct bra size is the first step towards finding the perfect bra fitting. Thankfully, calculating the br­a size is no rocket science and here we are, to tell you how to measure your bra size. All you need is a measuring tape and a mirror. Also, you should wear a well-fitted non-padded bra.

Knowing how to measure your bra size will only allow you to know your perfect bra size, which is why you should also know which bra type suits your body silhouette. In such a case, take our FIT TEST to pick the most ideal bra for yourself. Bra size calculator in India by Calibra is the most effective way out.

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