The right way to wear a bra


A common misconception among women is that it doesn’t matter how they put on their bras, as long as the size is right and they get it on! Most women do not pay attention to the way they wear their bras, simply hooking them on in the morning and they’re out of the door.

In fact, knowing how to put on your bra is as important as Getting the Right Fit. Putting your bra on the right way will help you ensure that your breasts are filling the cups properly and you are comfortable the entire day.



Step 1

  • Slip your arms through the bra’s shoulder strap
  • Bring the bra up so that the band is just under your breast

Step 2

  • As you clasp the band in the back, lean forward slightly to place your breast into each cup

Step 3

  • Clasp the bra on the loosest hook first. See if it is comfortable in this position. If it needs to be tighter, go onto the second hook and so on.

Step 4

  • Stand up and adjust the shoulder straps over your shoulders.

Step 5

  • Adjust the straps so they share the task of holding up your breasts.

Step 6

  • Move your breasts around with your hand until they are fully in the cup.