Get the right fit

The most important way of assessing your bra size is to try on different styles and shapes to determine what feels right and what gives you the correct shape. Remember, wearing an ill-fitted bra can lead to a number of health risks.


You can see the table below, or check out our Bra Size Calculator here! 

Bra Table1) Band size (under bust) Measurement:
Measure your rib cage just below your bust. The tape should be held tight with no gaps in between and in line, parallel to the ground.
Place a tape measure firmly around your body just under your bust resting the tape against your ribcage.
The tape must be at the same level at the front & back – use a mirror to ensure this.
Take down the measurement of your under bust.

2) Cup Size:
Measure the bust at the fullest point. The tape should be tight from the back but not from the front.


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